Now and again Dan Hilton posts some of his thoughts to try and understand himself. Enough said.

Friday, September 12, 2003

I wish that politics wasn't so Political. That may seem like a silly notion but imagine a system based on logic and truth rather than the shocking state of
affairs we have at the moment. I wish that to be a politician, you had to take some sort of truth serum so that you could only tell the truth. I don't think we'd get much done but it could be very enlightening. It is a shame that so much in the world of politics is based on small unimportant issues and petty arguements between individuals. I don't know I just get disheartened as people seem to be really bad at the moment in political life. The Tories lack any real characters or stars, Labour has a few but keeps them well locked-up and the Lib-Dems nobody seems to want to listen (apart from the people of Brent-east who I think are going to elect a Lib-Dem. I think what I'mtrying to get to is a political system based onmerit rather than sycophantic power struggles. Yeah a bit-torrent for politics without the damn leach kids! Haha thats what we need.
Night xxx

Thursday, September 11, 2003

Stop Fees NOW!
I was just viewing this website when a profound thought hit my head: If the Government claims that the reason they can't fund universities is purely a funding problem, then all we need do is find the money.
Now you're thinking well yeah but where can we find that money. I say "think different, think small", little saving all add up as Tesco's says "Every little helps!", and its SO true. Imagine if you could save a Dept. 3p per pencil they bought. Imagine the compound savings the government could make. I've got a good one to start you off: replace every copy of Microsoft IIS with Apache, saving about £400 per server (Probably less considering the license agreement the Gov have with them). Now imagine at all levels of Government, the NHS, the MOD, Dept. of Education, how many licenses couldbe replaced and money recouped. And I'm only getting started. Remember: Think different, think small, think savings!