Now and again Dan Hilton posts some of his thoughts to try and understand himself. Enough said.

Thursday, December 23, 2004

As of today I have now had the longest time off since June. That is kinda scary and quite shocking. Found a website of an old school friend today that was really quite weird!
is very well, slinge like. Bless him.

Today's theme has been trying to get in touch with old friends and trying to find people. Slinge is an example, having texted him and then getting a reply "afraid I'm in France", which was surprising but not unthinkable as I remeber him saying something about his mum moving away. Went to the Halfway to see Mary and Jack her brother which was cool. Halfway was packed as usual and very smokey. Also spoke to Maddie on MSN, she's doing CIM which is a marketing qualification, very grown up. In many respects that too is the theme of today; everyone is growing up. I don't think I like it either. What I mean by that is that I've always been accused of being too serious and too mature, yet now it seems everyone is like that. I suppose I had better just get on with it all, but I dunno, its nice to take stock now and again. Happy Christmas!