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Thursday, February 17, 2005

Report to Council of the 17th of February Dan Hilton


Attended the rescheleduled Learning & Teaching, requested more information on Plagiarism. Have also raised it at a SMT level within the University. Have also attended Computer and Media Users Sub-committee. Lobbied committee over the need to extent the hours of opening once new issue desks are in place.
Also had student affairs committee where the plagiarism issue was raised again and also rents were discussed.

Top-Up fees

Organising Billboard for NUS Wales conference and working with other Unions towards the launch of the Rees review on the 9th Of March. Looking at various options for press coverage during this period.


I have had a few staffing issues to deal with and this has taken up quite a chunk of my time.

Goal list from last report and revisions:
1. Communicate to all of the Assembly members about the threat of Top-up fees to Swansea. ONGOING
2. Finalise proof of artwork for billboard and other materials. ONGOING
3. Organise (hopefully) a campaign to length the Library opening hours. LOBBYING ONGOING
4. Organise better communication of what is going on within the Union to both elected officials and students. ONGOING

Any questions or problems please come and have a chat,
Dan Hilton


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