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Monday, July 14, 2003

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Politics is about people

Politics is the same the world over. People care about something so they try and
change it; or try to keep it the same. Polititians have mass conferences and invest
in huge polls asking people what they want their Polititians to do; what matters to them.
They talk of the 'death of society', the way new technology can help them to engage with the
people. Yet for all this talk, all this anaylsis, they don't do what I think most people want: they stop listening.

Ask a Politian what they stand for: simply and outright. Do they stand for truth? Justice?
the left? the right? very few will come out and say what they actually believe in case of anoying you or offending you. People should be candid; no I don't think we should build
more roads; no I don't agree with the government and yes I will stand up and be counted. Too
few MP's actually know that putting your neck on the line is useful and advantageous to progressing in politics. Or perhaps the kind of Politics that is going to get more people to vote.

You want people to vote? You've got to get them to value themselves. My vote matters and so do I should be the message, because no matter who you are, and where you are from, your opinion matters and is important to the democratic process.