Now and again Dan Hilton posts some of his thoughts to try and understand himself. Enough said.

Sunday, March 21, 2004

It's now just over a week and a day since the A-team clean sweep of election day. That I think is enough time to have reflected and considered the events and how they have effected me.

Things I didn't foresee:
The amount of hate aimed at people who succeed, not a lot love out for The A-Team.

The way I don't feel as good as I thought I would. No feelings of euphoria, no "woo-woo" kinda shouting and feeling stuff.
Not sure I expected it to be like awesome but better than I feel now. Bizarre really considering the amount of effort and planning that has gone into this. I think that it'd be ok once I'm in the role its just this interim period that may be an issue.
Plus everyone just seems to want to put problems in front of me rather than helping which isn't nice.

Female Attention. Why do women dig people they think are suddenly powerful? I'm no different than two weeks ago.
Yet they seem to be more interested in me. I don't understand.

Things I wish I knew before the election

Plans are good; ideals upon which to make decisions are better.

When trouble rains, it pores.

Music and coffee are your friends; anyone who tells you different should get a real life.

Lessons learnt

You're always going to piss someone off; better to be clear and up front about what you are and what you stand for then some kiss ass who tries to please everyone.

A name remembered is worth two key cool policies any day of the week.

Orange juice is your friend.

Final thought: Think different