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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Today, Well Today was a very good, good day!

Today saw a vote at the Welsh Assembly over student top-up fees in Wales. After only just realizing what was going on in time (it helps being a net geek sometimes!), we rallied the collective lobbying power of Cardiff, Swansea and Aber Student Unions to full force upon the Welsh Assembly members. We worked hard contacting the political groups, giving them the information they needed to win the argument and we also made saw that the key people were spoken to. We did everything pretty much we could think of in the time. And we won. There will be no Top-up fees in Wales in the near future.

Today was why I ran to be President of Swansea University Students Union. Job Done.

The next step must be about how we progress forward with a funding system that helps all students and also ensures that Welsh HEI's are not disadvantaged in terms of their funding.

But that's tomorrow's problem. Today we celebrate. And giggle as we get on tv! LOL