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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Dan Hilton President Report January 05


  • Attended Learning & Teaching this term so far, did not finish rescheduled for February.
  • Revised prospectus information.


  • Argued with NUS UK steering committee over motions refusal.
  • Observed NUS Wales NEC meeting key points:
  1. March in Cardiff cost NUS UK 14k pounds.
  2. DP Andy Wilson relocating to North Wales.
  3. Conference at institute of sport Cardiff.

Press & Relations

· Xtreme Radio station now has new computer installed to help raise quality.

· New online forum is now live and Waterfront is now available online as well.

· Organised Radio Wales visit in the third week of term to talk to students.

Goal list from last report and revisions:

  1. Write to all members of the Rees commission. STILL TO DO
  2. Write to all of the Assembly members about the threat of Top-up fees to Swansea. STILL TO DO
  3. Publicise the launch of Give Wales the Edge website. DONE
  4. Organise (hopefully) a campaign to length the Library opening hours. MOTION PASSED, PLANNING NOW
  5. Organise better communication of what is going on within the Union to both elected officials and students. ONGOING

If you have any questions, comments, ideas, ways you can help, please, please drop me a line