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Thursday, March 11, 2004

After the second round, Red won. No figures as of yet, but by at least 200 votes in the second round.
The A' team succeed again.

After a recount Kelly McQueen was elected Women's Officer

Kelly McQueen 649
Bethan Thomas 617
RON 25
Spoils 50

Total Electorate: 1291

Percentage of vote to victor: 50.27%

Close percentage wise yet a good result for the A' Team again.

First result in:

Neo elected as International Officer

Neo Mooki 874
Chelly Skinner 405
RON 18

Total Electorate: 1279

Percentage of vote to victor: 68.3%

Didn't think Neo would win by so much. Does indeed bode well for the A' Team.

It's been a while - but now is the time to Blog.

Its the night before the Sabbactical elections here in Swansea. I feel surprisingly calm! yet there is a sense of turning a corner as if win, or lose things will never be the same. I can do whatever I put my mind to, the only thing stopping me is me. I'm tired yet aware, fatigued yet stoked, because I can see the end in sight, I can judge how much energy I have left and how far I need to go. If this were Late-Night poker I'm about to go all in; its time to face the fear, face the prospect of losing and see how brave I can be.

Let's Roll, let's roll.