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Saturday, May 15, 2004

Well my Blog is getting more and more famous!
Two people have mentioned my blog since my last update which is fantastic.
NOTE: Whilst writing this I should be revising but have serious motivation issues.

This week I have mostly been visiting:
Swansea Uni Messageboards
These messageboards have been providing a great opportunity to post ideas about how the Students Union at Swansea should progress with reform - a real nice adult debate (makes a change...)

GLC - Goldie Lookin' Chain
The 'port boys are coming strong with world domination soon - but only once they've played with the mighty Opium! You truely knows it!

So news Update:

* My lust for a G5 gets greater with every day. That situation is starting to look like a very dangerous one...

* Gossip from the Union predicts that 4 slates may run in Sabb elections next year. How the times change.

* Got slagged off in a letter in Waterfront. Sent a very concise reply. Quoted Alan Hanson. Job done.

Exams will be ok once I've got this first one out of the way, just not that motivated at the mo' as I know exactly what I'm doing after the exams. Shocking how many people don't however, would have thought that more would be organised. Shame.

The Liberal Democrats have in my opinion gone with the worst campaign for both local and European elections ever - a vote for them is a vote against war. Now how you can connect the issues of rubbish and anti-social behaviour orders with the invasion of Iraq is beyond me.