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Thursday, November 24, 2005

Long, long time no blog.
It's been a long time people, I know too long almost 6 months since last entry. Why so long? A variety of reasons, moving out of Swansea (to cardiff no less), new job (working for Jenny Randerson AM in the Welsh Assembly), living with Lauz (who's journalism blog and output has increased exponetially) and I guess just stuff. Cardiff is a lot more lonely than Swansea as I don't know that many people and it seems quite difficult to meet many people as well. Being inside the walls of the Assembly is quite weird as well, understanding now how the institution works and also the non-public face of many, has been a revelation. I won't be blogging about the Assembly that much because it might get quite depressing! Christmas should be good, looking forward to the break.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Today, Well Today was a very good, good day!

Today saw a vote at the Welsh Assembly over student top-up fees in Wales. After only just realizing what was going on in time (it helps being a net geek sometimes!), we rallied the collective lobbying power of Cardiff, Swansea and Aber Student Unions to full force upon the Welsh Assembly members. We worked hard contacting the political groups, giving them the information they needed to win the argument and we also made saw that the key people were spoken to. We did everything pretty much we could think of in the time. And we won. There will be no Top-up fees in Wales in the near future.

Today was why I ran to be President of Swansea University Students Union. Job Done.

The next step must be about how we progress forward with a funding system that helps all students and also ensures that Welsh HEI's are not disadvantaged in terms of their funding.

But that's tomorrow's problem. Today we celebrate. And giggle as we get on tv! LOL

Monday, April 18, 2005

You know you're famous when (part 2)...

When you help 6 Music Breakfast DJ Phil Jupitus and Phil Wilding do an Outside broadcast from Swansea's very own Xtreme radio 1431am!

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Jobs, Jobs, Parking fines, Jobs....

Venturing into the job market with a degree and a year of Student Union Sabb under my belt does not seem to be going well. That being said I haven't applied for any jobs in a while now. I think my problem is that I'm unsure of what to do. I think I know what I don't want to be doing (boring, repetitive work) and that some of things I do want to be doing are a) Creative, b) Mean I don't have to get up before 8 each day c) Fun. Now more than that I think I want to earn a bit.

But enough about me what about the important stuff?

Election has been called! Woot! Yes the day has been called we have 4 weeks. My money is that we will see a much reduced Labour majority with Tories winning seats and the Liberal Democrats winning seats too. I reckon the Lib Dems will come out of this with at least 75 seats - I think thats realistic.

Peter Law AM has announced that he would have stood had he not developed a brain tumour. He still feels annoyed at the whole blairite system and also Rhodri Morgan's style of Leadership. I hope that this means he will stand up to the WAG and vote against Top-Up fees in Wales. However, this assumes that it comes to plenary. I hope so. I hope so.

This week I'm the only one in work so its a bit lonely and quiet as no one around. Quite good though as I seem to be getting on with a couple of decent projects and thinking up some good ideas for people to work on.

The pope's death has left me a little unmoved. He did do a lot for Poland in his belief in it as a independent state, not just a communist satelite but he did nothing to stop the spread of aids, something that with the widespread of the disease in Africa and in South America, he could have really helped and pushed the use of contraception forward, even by downgrading it as a 'sin'. May he rest in peace.

Things that are cool:
Peter Snow on your desktop! Bookmarks: Fear the power of the collective

New Liberal Democrats Website, very sweet

Saturday, March 26, 2005

Well it's Easter. No jobs on the horizon. Not the easy end of term I would have hoped for but no worries we're here now. Feel the need to write endless documents about how to change the University and the Union. Always a sign that I haven't enough to do!

Watched the new Dr. Who - very cool. Chris Eccleston(?spelling) made a really good Doctor. Tried to buy a wireless broadband router but couldn't find one in Taunton I liked enough to part with cash.

Local Tory candiate sent me a scary cut-out of himself. Not very worrying really as it just seemed to knock Labour and be very vague about everything. They also produced a residents survey, something seems straight out of the Lib Dem book. Wierd.

Still unsure of what to do next year. Need to figure that one out and fast.

Monday, March 07, 2005

Today I got rejected from John Lewis graduate scheme. I wasn't confident enough for them or dedicated to retail enough. Graduate recruiters are real nasty pieces of work. They need graduates yet they hold all the power in the labour market. It is annoying that student union's don't do more to help students get jobs, as one would think this is becoming an evermore important part of student life, especially as the cost is increased.

Oh well I never wanted to be a shop manager anyway. lol.

Took Lauz out tonight. Made me feel much better! Anyway, talk soon, drop me an email we'll do lunch.
Dan x

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Report to Council of the 17th of February Dan Hilton


Attended the rescheleduled Learning & Teaching, requested more information on Plagiarism. Have also raised it at a SMT level within the University. Have also attended Computer and Media Users Sub-committee. Lobbied committee over the need to extent the hours of opening once new issue desks are in place.
Also had student affairs committee where the plagiarism issue was raised again and also rents were discussed.

Top-Up fees

Organising Billboard for NUS Wales conference and working with other Unions towards the launch of the Rees review on the 9th Of March. Looking at various options for press coverage during this period.


I have had a few staffing issues to deal with and this has taken up quite a chunk of my time.

Goal list from last report and revisions:
1. Communicate to all of the Assembly members about the threat of Top-up fees to Swansea. ONGOING
2. Finalise proof of artwork for billboard and other materials. ONGOING
3. Organise (hopefully) a campaign to length the Library opening hours. LOBBYING ONGOING
4. Organise better communication of what is going on within the Union to both elected officials and students. ONGOING

Any questions or problems please come and have a chat,
Dan Hilton