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Session Information

Session Information

Directions to Fairwood / Sketty Lane where we shoot.

Fairwood is where we often shoot outdoors, usually after Easter, however we may be heading out earlier this year. For the rest of the year we will be training in the Pavilion next to the main sports hall for both Monday and Saturday sessions

For the first 2 or 3 weeks of the academic year both Monday and Saturday sessions will be for freshers only. Allowing us to get everyone familiar with setting up and shooting a bow safely. Once numbers have settled down, the experience members of the club will be allowed to shoot. Full coaching will continue as long as necessary in order to get everyone confident with shooting a bow independently. After that, the coach (Gwen) will offer training tips as and when necessary, and will also be avaiblae if you have any concerns/questions about your shooting technique.

When we settle down after the start of the year, the club practices twice a week, so come join us:

  • Anyone – Monday 7 – 9pm
  • Experienced only – Saturday 9am – 12pm

If you would like to come along on Saturday but don’t at the
moment, come and see us during a Wednesday session. Since there is no coaching on Saturdays, we need to be confident that everyone is competent to shoot. That said, don’t be put off, we don’t judge anyone, and so long as you are shooting safely you will be more than welcome!

Be aware that to allow us to record scores, on Saturdays we shoot at a longer distance onto the smaller 60cm and 40cm target faces. This is a bit of a step up from the Mondays, but scoring is optional, and if you come along and don’t like it there’s no obligation to stay!

If you come along on Saturdays, make sure you know what equipment (bows, arrows, etc) you usually shoot and how to set them up. If you have any questions about this try and find out on a Monday session, so we can get set up quicker on Saturdays.

If you finish getting your equipment together and we’re not ready to shoot (at either session) ask us if there’s anything else needed to get the hall ready for shooting. It’s in your interests, as we can start shooting quicker. We won’t ask you to do anything too difficult (well, maybe)!


We can usually be found strengthening out shooting arms in the pub after a session (you can come along to this bit whatever your level):

  • Monday – At the back of JC’s (on the comfy sofas!)
  • Saturday – Pub on the Pond

If you have any problems finding us, go to the contact pages and get in touch.

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