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This page is hopefully going to contain information (both website page links and pdf downloads) about anything not covered in the other sections.

Equipment-This section looks at the basic (and not so basic) aspects of equipment including tuning.

Rounds- This section aims to give information on the most common round types, including scores needed for the classification levels

Rules This section contains information about the rules and regs of archery including etiquette guidelines

Technique This section is going to look at certain areas of technique that are often over-looked by archers including Physical, Mental and other techniques to get those extra points

Etiquette Otherwise known as “How not to annoy your fellow archers”. Almost all external competitions you’ll have to adhere these rules, and on Saturday shoots it will make you a lot more popular.

If you don’t follow the etiquette (to see listing, click link above), the committee will have to have a meeting (and they’ll winge about that as well). Also, the organizers/ head judge may kick you off the shooting line if the breaches are serious enough/ continues after a warning has been given.

While this might all sound new and scary to some of you, most is common sense, and if the other archers know that you’re new they’ll help you and be tolerant.

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