Swansea University Archery Club

Club History

The club was founded shortly after the University in the 1920′s, and has recently had a resurgence, and has some highly successful alumni including Marian Howells (A Former World Number 1), Lisa Crumpling (a current Field Archery World Champion), and Malcolm Rees (Welsh Team member and currently ranked 8th in Wales for Compound)

In more recent years the club has had strong potential with Rhodri Curnow (currently ranked 8th in Wales for Recurve, Welsh Team Member and semi-regular Welsh Squad member), Peter Haines (BUCS Indoor Gold Medallist, and ranked 42nd in Wales for Recurve with under a year’s worth of shooting) as well as a growing level of both numbers and ability within the experienced members of the club.

If anyone has any information on the clubs past then please let us know.

Best National Results
Last 3 years Since 1996 All records
BUSA Indoor 14th in 2008 7th in 1999 7th in 1999
BUTC R32 in 2006, 2007,2008 R32 in 2006, 2007,2008
BUSA Outdoor 17th in 2006 11th in 2000 11th in 2000

BUSA Champions

Name Class Score Hits Golds Competition
Owen Roberts Longbow Gents Indoor 2006-07
Owen Roberts Longbow Gents 254 49 0 Indoor 2003-04
Andrew Tappenden Barebow Gents 523 60 15 Indoor 2007-08
Louise Jones (Recurve Ladies) 545 60 21 Indoor 1998-99

BUSA Shield Champions

Name Class Score Hits Golds Competition
Jon Matthews (Longbow Gents) Indoor 2006-07
(BUSA Record)

Exec Postitions


2011-12 Toby Scrivener
2010-11 Dave Leach
2009-10 Rhodri Curnow
2008-09 Ali Kirk/ Craig May**
2007-08 Ali Kirk
2006-07 Mark Busby
2005-06 Jack Murkin
2004-05 Jen Walz
2003-04 Richard Andrews*
2002-03 Flick Duff

*Left at the end of Febuary
**Ali stood down from post in November

2011-12 Richard Mill
2010-11 Phill Dunn
2009-10 Charlotte Stead
2008-09 Craig May/ John Matthews**
2007-08 Richard Jenkins
2006-07 Owen Roberts
2005-06 Phillip Dickinson
2004-05 Owen Roberts
2003-04 Malcolm Rees*

*Acting Captain after Richard Andrews Left
** Craig became Captain after Ali stood down, John voted in as new club coach

2011-12 Leah Woods
2010-11 Toby Scrivener
2009-10 Gemma Hockey
2008-09 Simon Hendry
2007-08 Rachael Davey*
2006-07 Hannah Benny
2005-06 Vicki Burrows
2004-05 Andy Campbell
2003-04 Paula Drury

*Resigned in November. Replaced By Skye Kent

2011-12 Alex Ferron
2010-11 Colette Bailey
2009-10 Emma Featherston
2008-09 David Leach
2007-08 Catrin James
2006-07 Ian Hollands
2005-06 Owen Roberts
2004-05 Ben Adams/Jack Murkin*
2003-04 Cathy

*Jack took office when Ben stood down, well more sort of stopped turning up

Social Sec
2011-12 Natasha Oliver
2010-11 James Mclaren
2009-10 Toby Scrivener
2008-09Penny Edwards
2007-08 Dave Coker ‘Cabana’
2006-07 Simon Moss
2005-06 Mark Busby
2004-05 Gareth Jones
2003-04 Kym Caswell

1st Year Rep
2011-12 Suz Richards
2010-11 Richard Mill
2008-09 Cerys Jones/ Toby Scrivener **
2007-08 Penny Edwards
2006-07 Dave Coker (Cabana)
2005-06 Simon Moss*

* Non-Exec position at this point.
** Toby was elected to the position after Cerys stood down/ stopped turning up

Equipment officer
2011-12 Colette Bailey
2010-11 Jenny Matthews
2009-10 Peter Haines
2008-09 Rhodri Curnow *
2007-08 Shaun Mudd *
2006-07 Richard Jenkins *
2005-06 Andy Campbell *
2004-05 Aidan Gill *
2003-04 John *

*Non-Executive position at this point.

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