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Committee 2010/11

Archery Club Faces 2010/ 2011

Executive Committee

Meet the scary people who run your archery club, AKA the executive:

Dave Job: Captain 

Name: Dave

This being the third committee that Dave has served on, he is setting an alarming precedent at being a Captain that actually knows what is going on.

It is Dave’s job to oversee the running of the club and to try to keep the chaotic shambles (a.k.a. the committee) in order.
David is one of the three darksiders on the committee, and also prefers the term “high emperor” over captain.

Phill Job: Coach/Vice Captain 

Name: Phill

As coach it is Phill’s job to whip the freshers into shape (using what ever he can get his hands on). As vice captain Phill will take over the club if Dave for some reason becomes indisposed (for example if Dave crashes the minibus again).

Phill is our first fully qualified (to Level 1) coach we’ve had for a long time, and also is the token Notherner on the committee.

Phill won Best Experienced Male Archer last year, and is one of the three archers on the committee who still need to remove their training wheels.

Colette Job: Treasurer 

Name: Colette

As Treasurer it’ll be Colette’s job to make sure the club stays in the black and doesn’t slip into the red. However as students never like to part with money Colette will also be the most unpopular member of the committee as she tries to collect hall fees during sessions.

She will have an easier time of this however, thanks to the Sports Hall collecting most of the fees this year.

Colette won best novice last year, after winning a silver in the novice ladies barebow, and bronze overall at BUCS Indoors 2010 and a silver at BUCS Outdoors in the same year.

Toby Job: Secretary 

Name: Toby

As secretary Toby will be burdened with great responsibility (a.k.a. trying to decipher the unintelligible ramblings that are committee meetings so that some vaguely coherent minutes can be written up; getting the GNAS membership in on time (possibily through the use of Time Travel); Dealing with Glamorgan and the Welsh Archery Associations).

Toby decided to retire from the Autobots at the end of the last academic year in order to focus on his degree.

Toby is in the final member of the darkside/ training wheel group that have invaded the committee this year.

James Job: Social Sec 

Name: James

As Kat (in the hurricane) is going back to the States to finish her degree (breaking the grand 4 year tradition), the club decided that James’ experience as barmaid made him the most suitable choice for the position. That and he regularly goes out and gets drunk.

James is the token stick-chucker on the committee and is often in trouble with the LIS for his book wearing habits


Job: Equipment Officer 

Name: Jenny

As the second ever elected Equipment Officer, it will be Jenny’s job to fix all the arrows/bows etc that the freshers break, although, it’s likely her boyfriend will be landed with most of this work
Jenny will often say things without thinking them through first, and believes she is the Yellow Power Ranger.

Jenny won most improved archer last year.

Non-Executive Committee

No less important (arguably more so), but with no power at all, these are the people who actually make things happen in the club, or generally are there to talk to / annoy.

Job: First Year Rep 

Name: Richard

Richard will be acting as this year’s first year representative. This means that if any first year archery people have any complaints/ questions etc, then they should be directed at this guy.

Richard has already fulfilled most of the requirements of this post as he escorted a rather drunk person back to the student village after our first social of the year.

Richard likes to spend his spare time drinking, dating Mossad agents and trudging round forests hunting giant scorpions



Job: Webmaster (1 of 3) 

Name: Peter

Peter decided that he didn’t like the old website that much, so he went ahead and wrote (read: acquired) this website, which has the potential to be very whizzy.

Peter won best novice, and a BUCS gold medal in his first year, and is part of the triumvirate that keep this website up and running.



Job: Webmaster (2 of 3) 

Name: Rhodri

After not re-running for captaincy, Rhodri became the second of the triumvirate running the website and does most of the information addition and amendment to the site content.

He believes that the Zombie Apocalypse can and will happen (although he’s more afraid of Tea becoming a banned substance), and does actually have a Zombie survival plan.

Rhodri has shot for Wales on three separate occasions (discounting university teams at BUCS events) including once as a Senior, and be occasionally be seen wearing a trilby or dancing really badly.



Job: Webmistress (3 of 3)
Name: Gemma 

Gemma is the final member of the triumvirate that looks after the site. Despite using WordPress, Gemma has some knowledge of html, making her a reasonable sensible choice (well; as sensible as we can manage at any rate) to help with the site.

Gemma lives in the eternal hope of a Harry Potter/ Twilight cross-over novel, despite there being multiple additions to the Geneva Convention, and the majority of human rights legislation preventing this from happening.



Job: Archie’s Mummy and Marrion’s Mother in Law 

Name: Jenny

As Archie’s Mummy and Marrion’s Mother-in-Law, it will be Jenny’s (nigh on impossible) job to stop them being stolen for long periods of time by Bath (or any other uni).

This is partly because of the kleptomaniac nature of all universities in regards to mascots, and also down to the fact the two mascots currently weigh only slightly less than Jenny.

Job: Barmaid 

Name: James

As barmaid, it will be James’ job to make sure that everyone is well plied with alcohol. If you give him money, he will go to the bar and buy your drinks. James successfully passed his internship, and has become fully “qualified” as barmaid.

Job: Press Officer 

Name: Gemma

Being the most qualified person to take this new and shiny role on (because she does Media Studies) Gemma will also be acting as the club’s press officer ie: Recording Video for SuTube and taking pictures/ writing articles for the Waterfront documenting our many glorious triumphs against the forces of Bath, Exeter and Gloucester.

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