Swansea University Archery Club

Committee 2009/ 2010

Archery Club Faces 2009/ 2010

Executive Committee

Meet the scary people who run your archery club, AKA the executive:

Rhodri Job: Captain

Name: Rhodri

After finally getting elected on to the committee (he lost twice to someone who is unsure how MAY is spelt) it is Rhodri’s job to oversee the running of the club and to try to keep the chaotic shambles (a.k.a. the committee) in order.

Rhodri recently discovered he had an older brother after watching the Muppets.

Rhodri won the best experienced archer trophy last year, and because no-one else was available at the time, he shot for the Welsh Senior Team during the Outdoor season.

Charlotte Job: Coach/Vice Captain

Name: Charlotte

As coach it is Charlotte’s job to whip the freshers into shape. As vice captain Charlotte will take over the club if Rhodri for some reason becomes indisposed (for example by failing his 2nd year again).

Charlotte has been occasionally seen trying to sell sand for alcohol on Swansea beach

Emma Job: Treasurer

Name: Emma

As Treasurer it’ll be Emma’s job to make sure the club stays in the black and doesn’t slip into the red. However as students never like to part with money Emma will also be the most unpopular member of the committee as she tries to collect hall fees during sessions.

It should be noted that Emma is the token militant Welshy on the committee

Gemma Job: Secretary

Name: Gemma

As secretary Gemma will be burdened with great responsibility (a.k.a. trying to decipher the unintelligible ramblings that are committee meetings so that some vaguely coherent minutes can be written up and getting the GNAS membership in on time).

Gemma often wishes that Harry Potter was real and he’d magic her away on his broomstick. Gemma was winner of the most improved archer trophy last year

Toby Job: Social Sec

Name: Toby

After being elected as First Year Rep last year after Cerys stood down, Toby is the only actual committee member who has any experience when it comes to the important things like running the club. As social sec, it’ll be Toby’s job to make sure people have a good time on a Wednesday night.

Toby is the token stick-chucker on the committee and can often be seen fighting crime on the streets of Swansea with the rest of the AutoBots

Job: Equipment Officer

Name: Peter

As the first ever elected Equipment Officer, it will be Peter’s job to fix all the arrows/bows etc that freshers break, and in comparison to Rhodri (last Years Jon) has already surpassed expectations when it comes to the amount of equipment fixed (this was achieved when he fletched a single arrow).

Before he dyed his hair red, Peter was actually invisible.

Peter won the Novice Gents Recurve category at BUCS indoor last year, and won best novice archer trophy

Non-Executive Committee

No less important (arguably more so), but with no power at all, these are the people who actually make things happen in the club, or generally are there to talk to / annoy

Job: First Year Rep

Name: Kat (with a K)

As first year rep, it is Kat’s job to bring any issues that the first years may have to the attention of the rest of the committee, although it is highly unlikely that she will actually have to do anything.

Although she is American by birth, Kat insists that she was a Roman Legionnaire in a previous life, and can occasionally be found running round campus wielding a Gladius

Peter Job: Webmaster

Name: Peter

Peter decided that he didn’t like the old website that much, so he went ahead and wrote (read: acquired) this website, which has the potential to be very whizzy.

Rhodri is also lending his spare time (a.k.a When he doesn’t want to do actual uni work) to get the website up and running.

David Job: SWWU Co-ordinator

Name: Dave

This year it is the dubious honour of Swansea to co-ordinate the league matches for the year, and seeing as none of the committee wanted to do it, and Dave seemed so keen to, Dave is taking that responsibility on, leaving the rest of the committee some important drinking time.

Shaun Job: Archie’s Mummy and Marrion’s Mother in Law

Name: Shaun

As Archie’s Mummy and Marrion’s Mother in Law, it will be Shaun’s (nigh on impossible) job to stop them being stolen for long periods of time by Bath (or any other uni).

As Mummy is a very effeminate term Shaun can no longer ever set foot north of Birmingham for fear of reprisals by his fellow Northerners.

Job: Barmaid

Name: James

As barmaid, it will be James’ job to make sure that everyone is well plied with alcohol. If you give him money, he will go to the bar and buy your drinks.

However, he is still in training so you need to remind him to give you the correct change

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